Covid 19 crisis in Marbella

Covid 19 crisis in Marbella

Crisis all over the world and Spain is tackling it rigorously


Covid 19 crisis in Marbella 1There you are, all ready to receive guests and customers in the spring of 2020. After China, it is Europe’s turn to deal with the Corona crisis coming our way. As many know, Spain did not leave it at that and immediately went into a complete lockdown that would last 3 months. No incoming planes, but a lot of departing tourists who would love to go home, of course. Good advice is expensive but it is not enough to sit back and relax. Our Yamaha shop in Marbella is still shining in the old colours (red, white and grey) and it is high time to transform this top location into the new styling of Yamaha (Race, Move and Feel) that has been introduced in the year 2019.

Breaking, demolishing and rebuilding

When you get going it is handy to make a plan how the new layout will look like compared to the old one, now we in Spain are not that keen on the plans but with the lockdown it is not necessary to hurry what does fit in our street. It is especially important to think carefully in our basement where we have over 400m2 available where we are going to place the main parts. In this way the warehouse of parts will be moved, the workshop will be moved to another place and the reception will move to the middle so there will be a lot of demolition work to open up and refurbish the rooms.

When a wall breaks out to connect the showroom downstairs with the workshop and entrance, we find out that the floor is still 8 cm higher, which is a bit of a setback but with a catboy and a lot of noise, the floor has to be there as well. That floor is Coronaproof and now we can furnish the new layout.


Covid 19 crisis in Marbella 2After demolition, rebuild and, above all, paint.

After redesigning everything, most of the parts in the basement and the showroom upstairs have already been put in the new Yamaha colours, all that remains is the newly decorated terrace on the street side, which is our literal highlight. But then again we leave the lockdown and it is all hands on deck to serve the customers who are travelling to the south of Spain this summer. As everyone has experienced, this breath of fresh air was short-lived and travel restrictions were again taken in the first weeks of September with the Spanish Government at the forefront. Here we go again, especially spring and autumn are the best months for our motorbike rentals and round trips. it is no different. The cancellations are pouring in again and the trade is shutting down. Good advice is not so far-fetched and, above all, not expensive, there is still plenty of work to be done to complete the Yamaha branch in Marbelle, and we are doing that with a great deal of energy.


KANDO the philosophy of Yamaha.

Since Yamaha Motor was founded in 1955 by our founder Genichi Kawakami, it has been our mission to introduce our customers to KANDO. And not just through our products. KANDO is a Japanese word that expresses the feeling of deep satisfaction and enthusiasm when you encounter something of exceptional value, highest quality and performance. It is an exciting emotional experience that enriches your life and makes your heart beat faster! All our products and services are designed and produced by people who really enjoy what they do. Their goal is to provide special product experiences.

Whether you’re RACE orientated, just want to enjoy the passion of driving FEEL, or looking for the best solution for a smarter way to deal with MOVE, we hope you’ll find the Yamaha product that will give you that KANDO experience. We also strive to make your heart beat faster and your eyes light up.

Covid 19 crisis in Marbella 3

Race: Yamaha is originally known from the racing world. With all R models like the R1, R6 and R3 but also the R125, but also the cross-segment like the YZ models where one appeals to the world of the sportier rider among us. The segment is characterised by, how could it be otherwise, blue accents. The concept is complete with matching clothing and accessories.


Covid 19 crisis in Marbella 4

Feel: In this segment, which characterises Yamaha with red accents, the motorcyclist who makes miles is addressed. Touring motorbikes such as the Tracer700 and 900cc motorbikes and for 2021 the new Tracer300, but also the Hyper Naked MT bikes. 07 the new MT09 and 10 and the recently added exclusive Niken.


Covid 19 crisis in Marbella 5

Move: Within the move world Yamaha responds to urban mobilty, the urban use of motorbikes and especially scooters. Due to the lack of parking spaces, increasing crowds and easy entry into this segment of scooters, this segment is making a real advance. Besides many models with the XMAX and TMAX as top models, this year the new Tricity300 (tricycle) has been introduced.



Covid 19 crisis in Marbella 6We are prepared for 2021 and hope we can meet our customers again in our new shop in Marbella


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