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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Who can best tell other customers what they have experienced during our motorcycle rides and motorcycle tours.

Of course our customers themselves!


Day tour with Benjamin Curtis


Customer reviews 1I just thought that I would write to you and thank you for a truly fantastic days biking in the mountains. Not one for being able to sit on the beach all day you may think that Malaga probably wasn’t the best choice of destination for my week away, however your guided motorcycle tour through the mountains means that you couldn’t be more wrong. I left my travel buddies to lounge in the sand early morning as I headed off for a days motorcycling and for what turned out to be one of the best days of my trip to Spain. The areas in which we rode had some most breathtaking scenery I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy, and to have your knowledge of the history and the area was an enormous benefit. I massively enjoyed some quicker sweeping roads, particularly as I was able to benefit from you lead, equally enjoyable were the more sedate twisty sections of the ride. I didn’t tell you this as the time as I was riding one of your bikes and didn’t think it appropriate, but the scenery had me so distracted at one point I almost missed a bend!!!!!!! Maybe you could included this as a safety measure in your briefings prior to setting off for the trip “Caution Amazing Views”.

All that remains is for me to thank you again for a brilliant day and to thank you and the rest of the group for translating everything into English for me, being the only English man in a group of Dutch riders was made the day all the more entertaining. Who knows you may have even inspired me to start my language course again!!!!

Anyway thanks again and as discussed on many occasions throughout the day, I still think you have one of the best jobs in the world!!!! Ride safe and keep it rubber side down.

Benjamin Curtis


Valle del Oro Route keyboard_arrow_right


David Graham


Customer reviews 2David Fayez and I got home safely and had a wonderful time in Spain! Thanks again for your great hospitality as well as the terrific advice you gave us on what routes to go.

They were absolutely breath-taking! We could never have had the experience we did without your help. I think I will definitely be returning to Spain one of these days. Feel free to use us as references or if you have anyone who would like to contact someone who has used your services, feel free to send them to me.

Although we did not use your guided tour service, it is clear to me by how you treated us and the advice and help you gave us that anyone using your service will be more than pleased. I wish you all the best in your business endeavours, and perhaps our paths will cross again one day.

David Graham


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Motorbike Holiday Jean-Marie and Raf


Customer reviews 3GPS Andaluztour. The agreements made were met perfectly from the start; reception upon arrival and transfer to our hotel – the engines equipped with a pre-programmed GPS – an extensive roadbook – a detailed map – practical explanation – etc …;

It was a great tour. Beautiful weather, beautiful landscapes, nice people, satisfying variety (motorcycle rides were interrupted enough with sights). The damage, a broken mirror, sustained during a small repair, was solved professionally and smoothly by Travelmoto.

During an evening, together with Jac and wife, all matters were discussed and drunk again. Thanks to Jac’s good organization and care, we enjoyed an unforgettable Andaluz tour.

Is certainly worth repeating.


Greetings Jean-Marie and Raf



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Rondatour with Stefan


My day tour began on a beautiful Andalucian morning. I left my fellow vacationers at our rental and arrived at the office around 10 o’clock. Within 15 minutes Jac set me up with gloves and a helmet and we were off. After a short (20 minutes) ride through Torremolinos, the traffic cleared up as we entered the mountains. The roads got curvy and Jac gradually stepped up the pace as we warmed up for the day. I had not ridden in nearly a year and a half, but Jac knew this and did an excellent job of easing me back into the saddle. After a little while, we stopped for coffee in a small village. Another advantage of hiring Jac was his excellent knowledge of the local cafes and restaurants. Whether it was a local tapas place away frCustomer reviews 4om the tourist throng in Ronda, or a small cafe in a village, the food and drink were always reasonably priced and tasted great. Leaving the cafe and continuing on the Ronda, I realized that the biggest challenge of the day was going to be how to look at the road and the amazing scenery at the same time! The route we took offered some of the best mountain vistas I have ever seen. White villages stand in contrast with the colors of olive groves and golden fields. Definitely a sight that pictures cannot do justice. Competing for your eyes’ attention was the route itself. One could easily just let the scenery blur buy and get lost in the rhythm of the road.

Once we arrived in Ronda, Jac again impressed me with his knowledge of local history. We strolled the streets and bridges of Ronda and took lunch in a local tapas place where the food was again outstanding. Ronda is a beautiful town. One could easily spend an entire day soaking up the history and atmosphere that lies around every corner. As the sun crept toward the horizon, we hit the road for home and my eyes were again torn between the road and the surrounding countryside. Had I been riding solo this may have posed a problem, but I was again able to put my trust in Jac, and we made it home just after the sun had set. I stayed in Spain for a total of ten days. The local people were always friendly and helpful, the nights were always worth writing home about, and the days were all as relaxed as I wanted them to be.

The highlight of my entire vacation, however, was my ride to Ronda. If you ride, this trip is a must.

Thanks, Jac!! Stefan Smith


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GPS Andaluztour


Customer reviews 5We wanted to take a break in October. Given the season, our choice went to the south of Spain. After googling, we came to the Travelmoto site in Andalusia. By e-mail, we got in touch with Jac van Gestel, the organizer of Travelmoto. He sent us the requested information with great enthusiasm. Within a month of our first contact we were already touring along mountain roads and the many reservoirs in the bright sunshine of Spain with occasional clouds. Ideal weather for motorcycling! Nature was very varied, but a beautiful whole.

The tours are set out in such a way that you generally drive on very quiet roads, so you can enjoy the surroundings in a relaxed way (and your gas trade without laser guns). Because it was our first time in Spain, we chose the Andaluz tour with a perfect basic hotel.

We enjoyed a lot and can heartily recommend this tour Jaap and Jeany, Peter and Anita



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Dutch Wildhogs


Dear Jac
Sit quietly here in my office. We had a fantastic few days again. It is true that we are already finding the beauty of the landscape a bit ‘normal’ and the wow effects of the first year may be a little less. But that doesn’t make our fun any less.

The hospitality and friendliness of the locals, the wonderful restaurants, the cozy cafés … but especially the impressions and the enormous diversity of the landscapes we drove through were truly unforgettable. We did not know that you could get so many impressions in one day in this beautiful interior of south-east Spain.


Customer reviews 6

The warm welcome by Roland and his wife Merche at Villa Mathilde, the delicious food and the silence of the area were overwhelming for us. The drive the next day through the nature reserve of the Sierra Morenas was more than fantastic.

Thank you for a this unforgettable days.

It was Enjoying again with the BIG G …

Hans, Edwin, Patrick, Marcel and Stef.


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