GPS Routeplanner Myroute

GPS Routeplanner Myroute

Myroute for all your GPS routes in the South of Spain and Portugal !


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Travelmoto is a very experienced independent company based in Málaga in the south of Spain. The advantage of living and working in Andalusia is that we discover like no other the roads and especially the lesser known roads that we want to include in our tours.


In the many years that we have lived in the south of Spain, we have seen all the beautiful and especially the lesser-known roads that this region has to offer. It is clear that we are enthusiastic about this, especially because we distinguish ourselves from most travel organisations that do not have this knowledge and use the most obvious routes.


Myroute Program


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Creating a route is not difficult, but it becomes much more fun when you also know where you drive and what there is to see. We believe that in order to create a unique and beautiful route, you need more information than just putting waypoints. We also work with the program Myroute, simply because you have all the tools in the program to create routes and roll them out for different navigation systems. Our big advantage is that we know what we are planning, because we know the roads and routes like the back of our hand due to our knowledge of this region and its surroundings. In this way, we are able to include all wishes and experiences in our routes.


But there is more to make a motorbike ride interesting!


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Apart from the beautiful road network with its well-paved roads, motorcycling in Andalusia is already a great experience. Add to this the fact that the hinterland has almost no traffic and you can enjoy free motorcycling as it is meant to be or as you were used to when the traffic was much less intense. The purpose of the ride and the background information or knowledge about where you are riding. Whether it is culture or history doesn’t matter much but it makes the ride just a little bit more special. All our customers receive a road book and travel guide in advance in which the routes per day are explained with background information where you drive through and what is so special where you are going. That makes a route just that little bit different so you can enjoy it even more than when you lack this knowledge.


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With our knowledge of nature, history and culture, we are able to surprise you every day with the special things this region has to offer. In the 20 years that we have lived in Andalusia, it has been our passion to include the details of what this country has to offer in our tours, to make the routes and your day so special.Whether that is a stop at the “Fuente de los cien Caños” the fountain with the hundred foothills or whether you drive through a nature reserve in full bloom, a castle or an Arab fortress on top of a village or mountain with what it has meant in history. All this information makes the route just that little bit more special so that you can enjoy it even more on the way or at your destination than when you lack this knowledge. Our destinations are often specially selected places where there is plenty to tell about, whether in the city, village or in the middle of the country, whether you are sleeping in a villa, finca or cave, it is all available.


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And if, as a motorcyclist, you would also like to experience some of our history and/or culture, we will, in consultation, schedule some of our highlights for you to visit. One of the highlights is the Alhambra in Granada, an Arab fortress situated on a rock with a view of the city of Granada. The Arabs had it all going for them during the 800 years they ruled Andalusia. Experiencing Andalusia is more than just a region in the south of Europe, it is a paradise for the motorcyclist, with its history, culture and beautiful road network, it is more than just motorcycling. Andalusia is the “Garden of Europe” and therefore a great playground for the motorcyclist.



Do you want a special experience!


Contact us, and we’ll get going with our route planner and create a tailor-made motorbike holiday.


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