KANDO also the philosophy of Travel Moto

KANDO also the philosophy of Travel Moto

Yamaha and Travel Moto have been working together for years.


KANDO also the philosophy of Travel Moto 1


KANDO is a Japanese word to express the feeling of deep satisfaction and excitement you get when you encounter something of exceptional value, quality and performance. It is an exhilarating emotion that gives your life extra spice and will make you feel great. It shouldn’t be so strange that besides Yamaha, we as a travel organisation also use this philosophy as a passion in our policies.

For years we have been part of and working for one of the largest Yamaha Dealers on the coast of the Costa del Sol with headquarters in Marbella and Fuengirola, where we are responsible for: planning and booking all our rental motorbikes that we have on file and there are quite a few of them.


Our tours are unique!

Our tours and routes are different because of the many details and personal input that we as a fanatic motorcyclist build into our tours, every tour is different but as a common denominator there is a lot of diversity in our choice of roads and nature reserves in which we have picked up our heart the Kando feeling, so to speak. With a club of motorbike friends we have for years discovered the roads and especially unknown roads that made us very happy and had a great time together.

Of course not all the roads and routes we have driven are suitable to be included in our GPS motorbike tours and routes but what we have learned is that we can offer the gems and the combination with nature the most beautiful routes to our motorbike enthusiasts who would like to come and ride in the south of Spain. In our selection menu where you can choose for ready-made GPS tours Travelmoto is also the only motorbike tour operator that offers customers the choice to compose their own tour, a choice of 25 destinations and hundreds of possibilities to connect these to our routes.


KANDO also the philosophy of Travel Moto 2


Our Yamaha Motorbikes

It shouldn’t be strange that when we are part of an official Yamaha Dealer that we actually use these bikes, but then you have quite a lot to offer, from touring bikes next to the Yamaha Tracer700 and 900cc and the FJR1300AE we already have the Naked MT07 models, 09 and MT10 in our stock, our Adventure models the popular Yamaha Ténéré700 and favourite XTZ1200 Superténére but also for lovers the Heritage models like the XSR and XV950 midnightstat and Bolt.

Our fleet is big enough to help groups of motorcyclists with their motorbikes, and if the demand for motorbikes is bigger than our supply, we immediately proceed to register new motorbikes, as we have them in stock. That is also worth mentioning, no old or heavy used motorbikes that we hire out, our policy is that we let the motorbikes run for a maximum of two years and then, because of the mileage and expenditure on new models, we replace them. So you are almost always guaranteed good almost new and, above all, well-maintained machines. This is an excellent opportunity to test and try out our Yamaha models before you decide to buy one.


KANDO also the philosophy of Travel Moto 3

The hotels and overnights

Family hotels and/or hostels in the famous or just unknown white villages, B&B with their personal touch in the campo, cave dwellings near Huescar, a 500 year old mansion where even King Carlos and Elisabeth spent the night and or an old olive mill that has been converted into a guesthouse. So we do not work with large scale hotels and/or overnight stays to distinguish us from the masssa range of motorbike tours in the south of Spain. So don’t expect 4 or 5 star hotels but small-scale companies often receiving our customers with a personal touch.


KANDO also the philosophy of Travel Moto 4


Why is that so important to us?

We find out for ourselves that after a day of driving and steering it is important to arrive at a good address where you can relax, have a nice meal and above all sleep well. We do everything in our power to offer a complete package so not only motorbike and routes but more a motorbike experience.


Travel Moto experience  Gerard and Nico two Dutch bikers

Like many other bikers, we love the battle freedom/joy and we don’t like to bump around in a group with other bikers unknown to us. We were happy to book a GPS-tour through your organisation and to be able to ride it after a short introduction and discover Andalusia in this way.

For us, despite the not always great weather, this was an unforgettable experience. With a centrally located hotel as a base, we were sent five days in different directions and were able to discover the diverse, impressive beauty of Andalusia in one word great! We went there to ride motorbikes but it was a motorbike experience; one moment you think you’re on a circuit (tight asphalt and what a nice reliable curves) and the next moment you’re winding along an abyss with the white mountain villages below you.

This experience makes our Black Forest, Eiffel and Harz experience pale. The TomTom did its job very well although it sometimes gave us surprises, which we also encounter at the zumo, but we always came out of it. We could tell from the routes that they were made by a motorbike enthusiast with a heart for the business and a feeling for quality. Jac, thank you for letting us have this experience, we will definitely come back because you still have plenty of beautiful things on the shelf.

Hasta la vista, Gerard and Nico


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