Famous A-397

Famous A-397

Famous  A-397 1The most famous road in the south of Spain! The A-397 to Ronda.

One of the most exciting roads for the motorcyclist in the south of Spain is definitely the A-397.

This road seems designed by and for a motorcycle fanatic. Everything a motorcyclist is looking for comes together on this road. Good asphalt, long and well-turned bends, very clear short bends and all located on a mountain wall with good visibility and control over the entire environment. It could almost be called a race track.

The A-397 is very popular and special for the racing fanatics

This road has become a public “circuit” on which the motorcyclists trump each other who can put the most beautiful and especially the fastest time. At km 28 is a bar located  “Venta el Madroño” , where we as motorcyclists meet and greet. Just staying at the bar is quite a happening, it really gives you that old-fashioned circuit feeling where you look up every moment in your conversation with your friends because a rider on the road shows his skills. The fastest times driven by the local heroes are indicated by name and time on a sign in the bar. In addition, you can see the worn sliders of the riders as witnesses of their ride hanging on the rock wall opposite the bar.


Famous  A-397 2It is not the intention at all that you are going to improve the times of the local driver or to outdo him, there are already many non-road riders who have bitten the dust with a heavy slider and the necessary damage. This is the terrain of the local rider who come together every weekend to perfect their skills.

Due to the number of accidents and unfortunately also fatal, the Junta de Andalucia, in consultation with the Marbella City Council, and in collaboration with the Guardia Civel DGT, has set up and implemented a plan to contain the speeds and accidents on this road. There are now 4 fixed speed cameras, on busy days and on weekends there is a helicopter in the air and there are several patrol cars on the road every day with the famous green color and blue lights. And despite all the measures, it remains attractive to choose precisely this road and to pick up your motorcycle heart.

Welcome at KM28!


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