Motorcycling with TomTom

Motorcycling with TomTom

Touring with our GPS tours and routes.

Motorcycling with TomTom 1The days of old-fashioned folding out a road map and planning a route are long gone.

Advantages of a navigation system.

To begin with, such a device is specifically equipped for its task: to show you the way on your motorcycle. So a lot of thought has gone into the design: operation with motorcycle gloves, weather resistance, legibility and clear instructions. Also for use on the motorcycle is thought, the holder fits perfectly on the motorcycle and with a connection to the 12v power supply continuously in use. Everything you expect from a good navigation system!

Good motorcycle navigations are from TomTom and Garmin. You drive a lot quieter if you do not have to worry about the routes to be driven. Both systems work with their own route planner, but I am very enthusiastic and familiar with the Myroute program. This way, the navigation has its pre-programmed routes that are loaded for use.

Travelmoto has been working with the TomTom navigations for years.

Motorcycling with TomTom 2TomTom is one of the best motorcycle navigation brands of the moment. It is not surprising, because the company TomTom has always been a forerunner in the field of navigation. Where this company first produced navigation systems only for car, this company has been doing this for the engine for years now. And successfully! In addition to being very handy, the TomTom is also very user-friendly, with the routes we provide our customers following well and rarely causing surprises. An important fact when we send our riders on the road. And there will certainly be readers who prefer to work with the Garmin, but for many motorcyclists, the price-quality ratio and user-friendliness of the TomTom is often the reason for choosing the TomTom navigation.


Some advice we that always we give the motorbiker.

Although the use of a navigation is generally known, we always give the following tips to the motorcyclists who come to ride on the motorbikes in the south of Europe. The point is to sit comfortably on the bike and enjoy the special and beautiful routes we have set out.


Stay on the main roads.

Our routes are built in such a way that you always drive on through paved roads. The route will never want to take you off the paved road or we will inform you in the briefing. Of course TomTom has a configuration to avoid unpaved roads, but you still have to be careful. Despite our care in formulating our routes, we also see directions on the TomTom where we think “that may not be the intention”, and assume that it is indeed not the intention. Just using common sense is our advice and continue to lead the way.


Weather conditions.

Motorcycling with TomTom 3In the south of Spain and Portugal it is almost always nice weather with pleasant temperatures and clear skies. However, it can also rain with us. Do not take the planned route with rain, because rain in the mountains can be very dangerous.

Bad weather in southern Spain is completely different than we are used to as motorcyclists from the Low Countries. We do know a bit of rain! Driving with bad weather in the mountains is completely different than we are used to on our flat land and so unpredictable. The clouds and especially the temperatures can change quickly and often snow falls on the higher altitudes where the route you want to send. The choice is to choose an alternative route where high altitudes in the mountains are avoided.




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