Safe motorcycling!

Safe motorcycling!

Safe motorcycling! 1Never to old to learn!

Whether you are just starting out or have been riding a motorcycle for a long time, there is always a lot to learn.

Many professional drivers often receive extra training to improve their skills on the motorcycle, the aim of this training is to keep their driving skills up to standard. And we, you and I get on the bike right after the winter season. The motorcycle season has started and we want to know that, only the Monday morning newspaper reports too often about the number of accidents that have occurred.

Safe Motorcycling.

In addition to the development of the engines and our safety, motorcycle clothing manufacturers have also taken great steps to protect us. The clothing that you can currently purchase for the motorcycle is full of gadgets for your safety: helmets, jackets, pants, gloves. You would almost forget that these are all things that can only represent a fraction of your safety compared to what you can actively contribute to it. Motorcycling means taking matters into your own hands, choosing your responsibility for your own safety, and not leaving it to chance.

What can you contribute yourself.


When we talk about your own safety on the motorcycle, most motorcyclists think of helmets, clothing with good protectors. And indeed, all those things have to do with safety. But don’t forget that there is also a direct way to think about your safety, which is to prevent an accident. That’s such an open door but stand there
just think about it. You can increase your safety by being the first to do everything possible to prevent an accident, and to ensure that damage, when it is too late, is limited as much as possible by wearing protective clothing.

Safe motorcycling! 2If you are well packed and on your motorcycle, it is a matter of starting and driving. The most important thing by far is looking and anticipating. You would almost say that this is something that everyone does, but we do not think that we as motorcyclists are more alert to what we see and what can happen! And how often do we not think that we as motorcyclists are better riders than the rest of the road users. But you will also notice that there is an incredible amount to learn in that area. Who does not know the expression “You go to what you look at”, and how often have we learned and experienced that it is so. In traffic you will have to make yourself aware of everything you normally overlook. A truck that obstructs your view, a dawdle on the road that suddenly changes direction or brakes heavily. A rural road with a farm in the distance and that side road where a tractor turns onto the road at the last minute. All situations that we know only too well. You can consciously learn to look consciously, and it helps you enormously when driving.

There is a big difference between driving and motorcycling, in a car there is a huge sense of safety because of the protective structures that are built into the modern car as standard. On the motorcycle, your safety is above all a matter that you control. As a motorcyclist you must rely on your direct and personal safety, because motorcycles will never be as “safe” as a car in an accident.

For your own safety you will always have to be alert! Our driving skills are always: looking ahead, anticipating, paying attention and responding. It is clear that you have an overwhelming control over your own safety! An additional advantage of active safety is that other road users benefit if you know how to prevent accidents.

We wish everyone a good start to the new 2020 motor season.


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