The new Yamaha Tracer700 already available at Travelmoto

The new Yamaha Tracer700 already available at Travelmoto

Yamaha tackles all his MT and Tracer models! Also the Tracer700

The new Yamaha Tracer700 already available at Travelmoto 1

The new look of the Tracer700 model year 2020.

The eye-catching Yamaha CI, which has become increasingly popular throughout the model range since the introduction of the R1 in 2015, now also graces the new Tracer 700. The aggressive look on the front fits well with the fast travelling companion, the rear is very similar to that of the predecessor or big sister and cannot quite keep up with the futuristic front. With LED equipment at the front (two really convincing projector headlights) and at the rear including flashing lights, the lighting is state-of-the-art. The only unfortunate thing about the new look is “due to the strict exhaust regulations of the Euro 5 standard” that the two beautiful double air intakes at the front of the engine have disappeared. It makes the front view much narrower, which I personally find less beautiful.  Choices will always have to be made but this is what it is.


The new Yamaha Tracer700 already available at Travelmoto 2

Changes to the engine block are not spectacular

Something has also changed in the engine (although not entirely voluntary – keyword Euro 5). The maximum torque of 68 Nm is still available at 6,500 rpm as before. However, the engine has lost some 1.5 hp at peak performance, but power is already 250 rpm earlier at 8,750 rpm. In practice, neither one nor the other is noticeable. Technically, therefore, an adjustment has only been made in order to comply with the ever-changing directives of Europaa, as long as that does not get in the way of us in the future. The 689 cubic centimetre Crossplane twin cylinder is still a real source of pleasure, so that the Tracer 700 can be used in a sporty way. Does it need more power? Only on narrow mountain roads, but most likely not. For the beginners A2 licence holders a 35 KW version is available and certainly a great stepping stone engine.


The new Yamaha Tracer700 already available at Travelmoto 3

Wasn’t the Tracer700 a great spender in gasoline the new model drives even more economically

Yamaha indicates fuel consumption as 4.3 litres per 100 km in practice you can add a little more or a little less than a litre, but that always depends on your driving style and load. This is not mainly due to the light weight of 196 kilos ready to drive, and the economical injection engine that hangs beneath it.  The transition to Euro 5 has resulted in weight savings of almost two kilos, so once again we have worked hard with the proverbial cheese slicer to reduce weight.  The engineers were able to achieve this by using a lighter battery, lighting elements and more efficiently designed attachments. Yamaha has thus successfully defended its crown for the lightest bike in its class. The competition has to carry up to 30 kilos more in some cases.


Ergonomics and wind protection is great

The saddle still offers a seat height of 835 mm. However, it is 10 mm more padded than its predecessor, which is particularly beneficial for passenger comfort. Accessories include a 20 mm lower seat for smaller people and a comfort seat (seat height 840 mm) for the very long tour.

The newly designed cockpit, which is smaller than its predecessor, does its job more than well, and the new hand guards with integrated LED indicators reliably keep the wind out of your hands. The Tracer 700’s standard windscreen already offers great protection in the lower position.  In the upper position, which is 6.5 cm thick, even more pressure is taken off the chest. What is preferable depends on how big you are behind the wheel, but the choice of lowering or raising the screen is pleasant. Both positions are very easy to adjust with one hand, even while driving.


The new Yamaha Tracer700 already available at Travelmoto 4

The new look of the Tracer700

The LCD luminaires in negative display are new and much more elegant than their predecessors. They seem much more sophisticated than the previous machine. The legibility is beautiful, even in direct sunlight. Switching the functions (Trip 1, Trip 2, actual consumption, average consumption, coolant temperature, outside temperature) is done with a small lever on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Due to the relatively small range of functions of the on-board computer, the operation can be carried out intuitively and does not give rise to any riddles.

The relatively low equipment and the short list of accessories are no coincidence. With the first generation Tracer 700, Yamaha noticed that their biggest competitor was unable to meet the customer’s needs. The gap between 700 and 900 is already very wide. As a result, many buyers opted for the Tracer 900, which is significantly more expensive but has so much more to offer. Still, when buying a Yamaha Tracer 700 you have to be very satisfied, it’s good motorcycling for a fair price.

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