The new Yamaha Tracer900 2021

The new Yamaha Tracer900 2021

It’s on its way at Travelmoto?

The new Yamaha Tracer900 and/or Tracer900GT 2021


More power, ABS when cornering and cruise control

Yamaha is really a surprising start for 2021 with its upgrades, was the new MT09 already very warmly received it is logical that the Tracer900 will follow. The Tracer 900 GT rolls off the line as an even richer equipped sports tourist.

For model year 2021, Yamaha is now making the sports tourer suitable for Euro 5: the bore of the three-cylinder engine has been increased by three millimetres, just as on the MT-09, giving the Tracer 900 a capacity of 890 cm³ instead of 847 cm³. And so does the power: 119 hp at 10,000 rpm (previously 115 hp) and a maximum torque of 93 Nm at 7,000 rpm (previously 88 Nm at 8,500 rpm). What’s more, the completely revised three-cylinder engine weighs 1.7 kilos less than its predecessor.


New technical systems on Tracer 900 (2021)

Various sensors of the six-axis measuring unit transmit their data to the control unit, which then decides whether and how the traction control, slider and wheelie control intervene. For these functions, the Tracer 900 uses the R1’s high-tech shelf.

The small helpers intervene sporty late or cautiously early, as desired, but can also be individually adjusted, whereby the slider and wheelie controls can be switched off completely.


The new Yamaha Tracer900 2021 1


The new Tracer is also equipped with curved ABS and has two TFT displays in the cockpit. These should also clearly indicate which of the four driving modes the driver is in. Mode 1 is for sporty, mode 2 is for all-rounder, mode 3 is for softness and mode 4 is for driving in the rain.


Technical Highlights

New EU5 compliant 890 cm³ three-cylinder engine in line
Increase of maximum torque by 7
Increase of maximum power by 4 hp
Lighter frame made of CF cast aluminium
Total weight reduction of 2 kg
New lightweight aluminium swingarm
Full LED lighting
Optimized A&S coupling
6-axis-IMU for inclination-sensitive driving aid systems: TCS, SCS and LIF.
Lighter SpinForged 17 inch wheels in 10-spoke design
Fully adjustable KYB 41 mm USD fork
Adjustable KYB damper
Two 3.5 inch TFT instruments, controllable with a control switch
Radial master cylinder front, 298 mm double discs


The new Yamaha Tracer900 2021 2



The question was whether there will be any new Yamaha Tracer900 2021 available for our Motortours next year, we think there will be.

Travelmoto is different!



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