Through the heart of Andalusia!

Through the heart of Andalusia!

Through the heart of Andalusia!

In the shadow of the overcrowded Costa del Sol lies another Andalusia. Quiet, pure, small-scale, wonderfully beautiful and endowed with a few world attractions, such as the Alhambra and the Mezquita.

The best way to discover all that?

On the bike!


Through the heart of Andalusia! 1On the flanks of La Alpujarra in the Sierra Nevada a fresh wind blows through the cracks of my motorcycle suit that was still boiling in the sun this morning at the departure point near Málaga. But here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada it is a different world, with villages lazing in a no man’s land between the beach and the high mountains. The asphalt goes straight on for less than fifty meters. Initially, it was hard to get the machine through all the corners, but after half a day of driving it almost goes without saying. The bike twirls effortlessly through short, long, round and angular turns to the Poqueira Valley, one of the highlights.

The white villages are arranged in battle order: Bubión, Capileira, Pampaneira. Hand off the gas, drive out and dock. In Capileira there is a beautiful terrace under thick tall trees with a view of the weekly market. Although the route is on the GPS, we still use the classic map to get a better idea of the continuation of the tour. Is Granada still feasible today? It couldn’t have been more beautiful.Through the heart of Andalusia! 2


At nightfall we drive into the city Granada and immediately go to the square San Nicolás and see how wonder of the world La Alhambra glows in the setting sun. The palace complex from Moorish times is one of Spain’s greatest attractions. Rightly so, as it turns out during a visit a day later. One room is even more beautifully decorated than the other. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Patio de los Leones follows with its fantastic columns that are meticulously decorated with Arabic ornaments. Here the Moorish kings enjoyed the good life. And here the last of them, Boabdil, retreated with his last look at Granada in 1492. “Yes, cry as a woman for what you have not defended as a man,” his mother is said to have said.


Wander through the narrow streets in the old town of Córdoba.Relaxing on the motorbike and leaving Granada the landscape changes. The hills get smaller, the skies get bigger and the roads straighter. With the engine in third gear, we sit upright and relaxed. Beautiful villages such as Montefrío, Zuheros (terrace under the tower!), Luque and Baena lead to Córdoba, where a visit to the Mezquita is on the wish list. We park at the beautiful Puente Romano, which was fortified and expanded by the Moors in 918.

Helmet in hand, we walk towards the Mezquita, once the most important mosque in the entire Iberian Peninsula. After the retreat of the Arabs, a cathedral was built here in the mosque. One of the exuberant kind. Intended to intoxicate friends and foes with wealth and architecture. We wander through the narrow streets of the old town, drink tea in one of the beautiful tea houses (legacy of the Moors) and make plans for tomorrow, which will lead the motorcycle into the mountains and then take us to Seville.


Through the heart of Andalusia! 3A dream course for the motorcyclist. Bend after corner after corner, upshift, brake, downshift, turn into corner and then just enough throttle for the fun factor. Despite sights such as the excavations of Medina Azahara and the beautiful town of Carmona, we only stop for gasoline, a cafe solo and a tostada con aceite y tomates, a toasted sandwich with olive oil and tomato paste. The perfect taste of simplicity. It was a matter of choice. Want to stay the night in Seville or contThrough the heart of Andalusia! 4inue to Jerez de la Frontera? Of course, Seville has the most beautiful sights, but after the Alhambra and the Mezquita, the choice now mainly falls on the experience and for that you have to be in Jerez. Or more precisely: in the tabancos, the traditional sherry bars.

It’s a matter of listening In Jerez there is plenty of room for an evening of gastronomy and music. As a visitor, you don’t have to put in much effort. In the old town it is a matter of listening. Live flamenco is played somewhere every night. Like now at Tabanco El Pasaje. While the glasses of fino and oloroso are passed over heads, a young man stands on stage singing his soul out of his body. This is not tourist flamenco, but real and pure. The café is filled with friends, acquaintances, local residents and visitors. People from the audience take turns spontaneously standing up to dance in front of the stage. There are shouts and claps, with the performance of a dancer as the highlight. She whips the singer up, the singer whips her up. The roof is going down!

Puerto las Palomas between Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra Andalusia Spain.Saddle up  our motorbikes and dreaming about what the new day can bring. We steer the bike through the Sierra de Grazalema with its unspoilt nature and white villages, briefly tap the square in Arcos de la Frontera, which is a ‘VIP place’ in the hinterland of the Costa del Sol, and then drive through a forest. of cork oaks, where the dew is still on the branches. The road goes like a rollercoaster through the quiet mountain country: up, down, to the left, to the right, forward, backward and upside down. Until charming Grazalema arrives, for a short break in the authentic center with its narrow streets, white houses and balconies full of flowers. The fastest way to the starting point at Málaga is now via Ronda and Marbella, but there is also a slower alternative through the Sierra de las Nieves and the former bandit country in the area of El Burgo. To ask the question is to answer it. A motorcycle tour through the heart of Andalusia cannot last long enough.


Our GPS Motorcycle Tours.

The advantage of living and living in the south of Spain Andalusia is that we like no other discover the roads and especially the lesser known roads that we include in our tours. With our experience and commitment, we have a multitude of ready-made GPS Motorcycle Holidays in our database that you can choose from. With our selection filters “number of days, distance a day, driving experience, scenery and history” you are even better able to express your personal wishes in order to make a good assessment and choice of your motorcycle holiday. In addition, we are always able to combine these tours into your own tour. So all freedom and choice are guaranteed.


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