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GPS Don Quixote tour



A week of motorcycling in Andalusia and Castilla de la Mancha, one of the most beautiful regions in Spain and a great experience on the motorcycle.


This Don Quixote fly & bike tour will lead you through the parks of Sierra Montero, the province of Castillo de la Mancha to the area where Don Quixote sets out with his battle rosinante and his squire Sancho Panza and experiences numerous imagined adventures including the fight against the windmills.


After visiting these windmills in Castillo de la Mancha you will travel back to Málaga via park Carozla and El Tejeda.



Day 1: Arrivel Malaga

Day 2: Route Sierra Morenas
Day 3: Route Molinas Don Quixote
Day 4: Route Cazorla
Day 5: Route Sierra Nevada

Day 6: Route Málaga


Day 7: Departure Malaga

Details ;
  • Number of days on the bike
    5 days
  • Total days holiday
    7 days
  • Total distance :
  • Season
    September till June
  • Daily distange
  • Breakfast
  • Start / End point :
  • Roads
  • Skill level
  • Price gps tour rider
    € 1095
  • Price pillion
    € 495
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Alcázar de San Juan, Provincia de Ciudad Real, España

Included in this tour

  • Hotel incluide breakfast on base of a double room
  • Motorbikes: Yamaha MT07/09,Tracer700/900 or Tenere700. Moto Guzzi V85TT and Aprilia Tuono or Tuareg.
  • Navigation system TomTom
  • Routes GPS Don Quixote tour
  • Roadbook
  • Road map Michelin
  • Tour guide Andalusië
  • 24 hours assistence

The other models in our motorbikes are available for an small additional charge.

Tour description


Tour description GPS Don Quixote tour





Day 1: Route Sierra Morenas

Day 2: Route Molinas Don Quixote

Day 3: Route Cazorla

Day 4: Route Sierra Nevada

Day 5: Route Málaga




Day 1: Route Sierra Morena

You leave the province of Málaga today to arrive via the Montes de Malaga, the Sierra Subbética and the Cabra Natural Park on the edge of the Sierra Morena and Montoro. The route is characterized by its variety in nature, national roads interspersed with winding roads on generally new asphalt. After the Cabra nature park you will see the so-called "mesa" which means a table full of our famous olive trees.



Day 2: Route Molinas Don Quixote

Today you will arrive in Castillo de la Mancha, and with this name a bell should start to ring because this name has become so well known in the story of Cervantes in the book Don Quixote. This region is the granary of Spain, so depending on the season you drive through vast fields that may or may not be full of the cereals grown on it. Fortunately, the route also found some smaller nature parks where the main roads alternate with steering roads. At the end of the day you will arrive where most and especially the most beautiful mills can be found on which is written in this story.


Day 3: Route Cazorla

Make another detour to also take the mills in Campo de Criptana where the route will turn to the south again. There is a peak small but special nature reserve Ruidera where we will send you through with the motor. After bridging this flatter section you can enjoy yourself again in the in my opinion most beautiful and beautiful park for the motorcycle enthusiast: Park Cazorla ,. Kilometeres of curves on a well-paved road with its innumerable curves without significant traffic, and I can't place any more superlatives - you really have to experience it for yourself.


Day 4: Route Sierra Nevada

The best thing about this tour is the last two days, today you will drive through several mountain ranges that you have to cross, so mountain passes. Upon departure you will drive through the south side of the Park of Cazorla where you will arrive via Pozo Alcón at a huge reservoir Embalse de Negratin. You then drive across the Sierra de Baza where various passages are located to finally arrive on the north side of the Sierra Nevada. Also this mountain range with its highest peak 3200 meters on the mainland of Spain you must also overcome to eventually the South side of the Sierra Nevada the famous Alpujarra.


Day 5: Route Málaga

Coast and El Tejeda are on the program today, and today's route is very varied: valleys, reservoirs, mountain ranges, nature parks and great winding roads that connect everything together. A beautiful route that will end up in the El Tejeda nature park, I am not going to say much about it you just have to experience it for yourself You just do not expect that such a natural beauty can be so close to the coast. Later in the day you will arrive in Málaga where we are sure that you can look back at 5 fantastic motor days.