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GPS Cordobatour


Don't just visit your destination, but experience it too ! Córdoba is a very pleasant city with lots to see and to do. The cathedral of Córdoba, built in the Mezquita, will cause quite a stir.



But there is much more, what about the beautiful roman over the river Guadalquivir, the Jewish quarter around the Mosque with its small streets and filled with nice shops, restaurants and bars with their small terraces. A city with a village charm and so worth a visit.

A very special motorbike tour that shows a different side from beautiful Andalucía.



Day 1: Arrivel Malaga

Dagy2: Route Valle del Oro

Day 3: Route Cordoba

Day 4: Explore Cordoba

Day 5: Route Montoro

Day 6: Route Iznajar

Day 7: Departure Malaga


Details ;
  • Number of days on the bike
    5 days
  • Total days holiday
    7 days
  • Total distance :
  • Season
    September till June
  • Daily distange
  • Breakfast
  • Start / End point :
  • Roads
  • Skill level
  • Price gps tour rider
    € 1095
  • Price pillion
    € 395
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Patio de los Naranjos, Calle del Cardenal Herrero, 1, Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba 14003, España

Included in this tour

  • Transfer airport of Malaga to our base hotel
  • Hotel incluide breakfast on base of a double room
  • Motor bikes: Yamaha MT07/09/Tracer700/900 and Ténéré700
  • Navigation system TomTom
  • Routes GPS Cordobatour
  • Roadbook
  • Road map Michelin
  • Tour guide Andalusië
  • 24 hours assistence
  • Transfer hotel to airport of Malaga

The Yamaha MT10, XV950 Bolt and XVS Midnightstar, XT1200ZE and the BMW R1250GS are available for an additional charge.

Tour description


Tour description GPS Cordobatour





Day 1: Route Valle del Oro

Day 2: Route Cordoba

Day 3:  Expiore Cordoba

Day 4: Route Montoro

Day 5: Route Iznajar




Day 1: Route Valle de Oro

Valle de Oro located just above the Montes de Málaga, one of the surprising aspects of the Costa del Sol is that a few kilometers from the busy city and beaches are untouched nature reserves. One of these nature parks is called Montes de Malaga, which is five kilometers north of the city. In this area you will find many white villages that have remained fairly authentic and where it seems as if time has stood still.


Day 2: Route Cordoba

Today's route takes you through the mountains of Cabra towards the city of Cordoba, the route is not too long so that you can arrive in Cordoba shortly in the afternoon around 4 pm to park your motorcycle and check in at the family. hotel. But first enjoy beautiful roads with good asphalt and many vistas and yes olive trees. This plateau is our "granary" with olive trees to make the most delicious olive oil that Spain is so famous for.


Day 3: Vrije dag Cordoba

Puerta del Puente one of the oldest gates of Córdoba is located at Calle Amador de los Ríos and Calle Corregidor Luis de la Cerda. In the immediate vicinity you will also find the Mezquita de Córdoba and the ages old Puento Romano bridge. A tour of the Mezquita cathedral of Córdoba will soon lead to quite a stir. The more than exceptional incidence of light creates spectacular images on the richly decorated interior of the second largest mosque in the world.

In the heart of the city of Córdoba is the beautiful Plaza de las Tendillas square. At the current Plaza de las Tendillas you will find buildings that were designed by architects such as Felix Hernandez Gimenez, Benjamin Gutiérrez Prieto and Ramón Aníbal Álvarez. But the most present building is the fountain with equestrian statue of Don Gonzalo Fernandez de Córdoba.


Day 4: Route Montoro

The beautiful landscape of the Sierra de Andujar consists of stone and cork oak forests, pine forests and Mediterranean scrub, occasionally adorned with the characteristic granite round boulders in Spanish called "bolos". This foothills of the Sierra Morena is one of nature's favorite places and bird lovers. You can find all the carnivores that occur in Andalusia and it is the best place to see the Iberian Lynx threatened with extinction.


Day 5: Route Iznajar

Today for the return trip to the south and the Malaga region. I have driven the route of today more than once and distinguishes itself by the variety of nature and its surroundings. The route starts through the many olive fields that Andalusia is rich in and bends southwards. At Cabra there is a small nature park through which the route will wind its way. Via the town of Rute you will arrive at the village of Iznajar, a place high on a mountain and surrounded by the largest reservoir in all of Spain. It looks like this village is surrounded by water.