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We have been surprised how much water is available in the south of Spain. Logical of course that solutions have been found that bridge hot, dry summers and provide the population with water.

It is precisely these reservoirs "embalces" that lie in beautiful nature reserves and gave us the idea of making a wonderful tour out of it.


There are no fewer than 1,300 reservoirs. This means that Spain has the most reservoirs in the world per capita. The water supply in Spain is largely dependent on the reservoirs present throughout the country. This water is crucial, not only for the drinking water supply but also for agriculture and industry.




Day 1: Arrivel Malaga
Day 2: Route Zahara de la Sierra
Day 3: Route  Huesna en Boyera
Day 4: Route  Embalse de Cijara
Day 5: Route Parque Sierra de Montoro
Day 6: Route Embalse de Iznajar
Day 7: Departure Malaga

Details ;
  • Number of days on the bike
    5 days
  • Total days holiday
    7 days
  • Total distance :
  • Season
    September till June
  • Daily distange
  • Breakfast
  • Start / End point :
  • Roads
  • Skill level
  • Price gps tour rider
    € 1095
  • Price pillion
    € 395
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Esparragosa de Lares, Provincia de Badajoz, España

Included in this tour

  • Hotel incluide breakfast on base of a double room
  • Motorbikes: Yamaha MT07/09,Tracer700/900 or Tenere700. Moto Guzzi V85TT and Aprilia Tuono or Tuareg.
  • Navigation system TomTom
  • Routes GPS Pantanotour
  • Roadbook
  • Road map Michelin
  • Tour guide Andalusië
  • 24 hours assistence

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Tour description


Tour description GPS Reservoirstour


Zahara de Gastor reservoir in the south of Spain.Tourprogram:


Day 1: Route Zahara de la Sierra

Day 2: Route Huesna en Boyera

Day 3: Route Embalse de Cijara

Day 4: Route Parque Sierra de Montoro

Day 5: Route  Iznajar



Day 1: Route Zahara de la Sierra

Your route departs from Malaga and goes through the Sierra de las Nieves towards Ronda, there the route bends to the Sierra de Grazalema where you get acquainted with the overwhelming nature through which the roads strangle themselves. You pass the famous villages like Jimena de la Frontera and Ubrique where this last village in Spain is famous for its leather products that are produced there. Eventually you will arrive at the las Palomas gate where you will see the bottom of the reservoir with the beautiful town of Zahara de la Sierra on the outskirts.



Day 2: Route Huesna de Boyera

With the departure from Zahara de la Sierra, this route will lead you to the north of Andalusia where you will first cross the Sierra Norte, a nature park that motorcyclists also call the park with the 1000 turns. Finally you will arrive in the Extramedura region where on the border of the regions of Andalusia and Extramedura a stop will be made to spend the night in El Hoyo where the Huesna de Boyera reservoir is also located.


Day 3: Route Embalse de Cijara

Between the towns of Merida and Almaden is a whole complex of reservoirs called Embalse de Cijara. Your route today will lead you to and around these reservoirs to finally arrive in Almaden. Lots of nature, beautiful roads with a lot of twisting in between and steering roads on well-paved roads. What is special is that in a reservoir there is a roundabout where you drive over via a bridge and then you can drive around it and again through a burg on the other side.


Day 4: Route Sierra de Montoro

A little less water today on the route, so fewer reservoirs, but on the other hand, there is a beautiful nature reserve of the Sierra de Montoro. When leaving Almaden it is necessary to leave this valley to arrive in the mountain range that runs from East to West in the north of the Andalusia region the so-called Sierra de Moreno. You will arrive in the Sierra de Andujar and Montoro. This overwhelming natural park is the largest hunting ground in Spain and is bursting with wildlife. There you will deliver the motorcycle its day on the many inland roads that this park is present.



Day 5: Route Iznajar

The village of Iznajar is proudly located in the middle of the largest reservoir in Spain. From the North you arrive at these reservoirs via a small Cabra nature park, the full blue glow of the water will surprise you as well as the perimeter of this reservoir. The route continues on its way south to your final destination, Málaga, but you will also visit the reservoirs of El Chorro there. As we already indicated in the tour it will surprise you how much water is present in the so warm and deep south of Spain.