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GPS Toledotour


Toledo was once one of the most powerful cities in the Iberian Peninsula. Nowadays it has to leave this role to the nearby metropolis of Madrid.



Toledo is commonly known as "The City of Three Cultures", a name that refers to the Christian, Muslim, and Hebrew cultures that lived for centuries within the city walls and imbued the city with their own distinctive identities.



Da y: Arrivel Malaga

Day 2: Route Montoro

Day 3: Route Toledo

Day 4: Route Guadalupe

Day 5: Route Peñarroyo

Day 6: Route Sierra de Ronda

Day 7: Departure Malaga

Details ;
  • Number of days on the bike
    5 days
  • Total days holiday
    7 days
  • Total distance :
  • Season
    September tot en met Juni
  • Daily distange
  • Breakfast
  • Start / End point :
  • Roads
  • Skill level
  • Price gps tour rider
    € 1095
  • Price pillion
    € 495
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379. Historic City of Toledo (1986), Ciudad histórica de Toledo, Toledo, Toledo 45002, España

Included in this tour

  • Hotel incluide breakfast on base of a double room
  • Motorbikes: Yamaha MT07/09,Tracer700/900 or Tenere700. Moto Guzzi V85TT and Aprilia Tuono or Tuareg.
  • Navigation system TomTom
  • Routes GPS Toledotour
  • Roadbook
  • Road map Michelin
  • Tour guide Andalusië
  • 24 hours assistence

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Tour description


Tour description GPS Toledotour




Day 1: Route Montoro

Day 2: Route Toledo

Day 3: Route Guadalupe

Day 4: Route Peñarroyo

Day 5: Route Sierra de Ronda


Day 1: Route Montoro

At the Toledo tour I did not immediately think "It don´t feel like a motorbike destination". The route has been set up to use Tolodo as your destination where you will arrive in the afternoon and will be back on your bike the next morning. So nothing of walking and recording culture, just a flash visit to this great city located under Madrid. The start is from Málaga where you will arrive in Montoro via the Montes de Malaga, Sierra de Subéttocas and the Cabra Natural Park. You will first stop in an old olive mill because this region is the heart of the olive trees with its famous and famous olive oil.


Day 2: Route Toledo

Today Toledo is also known as the city of "three cultures". In its heyday the city was populated with the Arabs as rulers who lived peacefully together with the Christians and the Jews. Together, Toledo has been put on the world map as the most developed city and capital of Spain. The route will lead you through the Sierra Morenas to the North where you will arrive through the valleys in the city of Toledo. The overnight stay there is already very special. You will sleep at the foot of the Cathedral in one of the oldest residences in the center of Toledo with the special feature of an Arabic bath in the basement.


Day 3: Route Guadalupe

I think a route is always more fun when it also has a destination to drive to, so today a visit to Guadalupe with its famous monastery where the Black Madonna resides. At the departure you will pass a special natural phenomenon, Barancas de Bujuron, where it seems as if you have arrived at the coast by the sea. The route continues through the Robedillo Natural Park and finally arrives in the town of Guadalupe. The monastery is on the central square in the middle of the characteristic village where you may or may not choose to take a tour of the monastery to see the Black Madonna.


Day 4: Route Peñarroyo

With the departure from Guadalupe the route will cross the "Embalse de Cijara", a large complex of several reservoirs that are connected to each other. You will enjoy yourself again with the road network that is available there and the beautiful things that the Castilla de la Mancha and Extramedura regions have to offer. This area is full of several reservoirs that we have included in the route to arrive in the north of the Sierra de Morenas and in particular the village of Peñarroyo where you will spend the night.



Day 5: Route Sierra de Ronda

The last day already and from the village of Peñaroyyo you will cross the Sierra Norte, also known as the nature reserve with a thousand turns, by bridging the valley between this Sierra Norte and Sierra de Ronda you will arrive in the Sierra de las Nievas also called the snow mountains because in the winter months there can be snow on the tops of this mountain range. All in all a nice route with good roads where you will not be bored in what to see and the pleasure of driving your motorcycle.