Yamaha MT07 2021, the Dark Side train thunders ahead

Yamaha MT07 2021, the Dark Side train thunders ahead

Yamaha MT-07 2021 – is that enough to keep his name as the best-selling engine in Europe, we think yes


Yamaha MT07 2021, the Dark Side train thunders ahead 1

Yamaha MT-07 2021 and its new technical data: less power, more weight

Things cannot go on in Europe, but it seems that Yamaha has really got down to work to serve Europe. The new Euro 5 standard means that the modifications to the CP-2 unit, which is still 689 cubic centimetres in size, has minimal power loss, so the new MT-07 has only 73.4 hp instead of the previous 74.8 hp, but it is already available at 8,750 (instead of 9,000) rpm, a detail but still.  The same fate struck the engine of the touring buddy the Yamaha Tracer700 in early 2020, but even then the CP-2 is still experienced as a powerful and agile companion and fantastic engine.

The new Yamaha MT-07 now delivers 67 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, 1 Nm less than before. With only 184 kg of fuel, the MT-07 2021 is still a light motorbike, but compared to its predecessor it has an extra weight of 2 kg. This is due to the adjustments to the exhaust system that Euro 5 made necessary. So technical progress alone is not going to make it, Yamaha has to offer us more.


Chassis and brakes on the new MT-07

The chasis is identical to what was used in the previous version in the MT-07.  In the front there is a non-adjustable telescopic fork with a still pipe diameter of 41 mm, in the rear there is a mono shock in rebound and spring preload.  There are innovations in the braking system of the best-selling motorbike in Western Europe model 2020.  The dimensions of the front brake discs increased to 298 mm, previously the diameter was only 282 mm. Exciting: The weight of the brake discs could be kept at the same level. A 245 mm single disc is still used on the rear wheel.

Yamaha MT07 2021, the Dark Side train thunders ahead 2

And now the bigger changes to new MT-07 which fits completely in the MT-series

As the penultimate of the MT models, the MT-07 now has a completely new look with its full LED headlight. The indicators are now also standard in LED technology. We are curious to see whether the sister’s design is as controversial as that of the MT-09 2021. The new black levers and the generally optimized finish are very nice and will have a great effect. The grey LC-display of the MT-07 was really in need of a replacement, and that has been done well.  Now the MT-07 will have a colour TFT-display, like the big sister, it was not enough, but similar to the inverted LC-display (white numbers on black background) already known from the Tracer 700, a big step forward was taken.

Yamaha MT-07 tank capacity and consumption remains the same for 2021

The mid-range Yamaha was already considered a very economical bicycle, and this will not change with the 2021. The 14 litre tank is good for distances of more than 300 kilometres. First of all, the rider will be happy with this very economical low fuel consumption, but in addition to the actual fuel costs, the taxes and vehicle taxes are calculated on the CO2 emissions and therefore on the consumption, which in turn will be beneficial for this engine.


Yamaha MT-07: An electronics denier with success

The MT-07 stands for puristic motorcycling. Apart from the legally required (and not disengageable) ABS, the 2021 model also has no electronic tools on board. Here you still pull the cable as before. There is no ride-by-wire or functions such as cruise control, traction control, driving modes or ABS when cornering. It will be no problem to the buyer because at this price you will get a beautiful under your buttocks that will not make the pleasure of motorcycling any less.


Yamaha MT07 2021, the Dark Side train thunders ahead 3


Improved ergonomics and new tyres for the first time

Yamaha promises improved ergonomics for tall riders in the new edition of the MT-07. The seat height is still 805 mm. The dimensions of the tyres (120/70/17 at the front and 180/55/17 at the rear) on the Yamaha have also remained unchanged. New, however, are the first set of tyres on which the MT-07 rolls to the start. The Michelin Pilot Road 5, also known and proven from the Tracer 700, will go under as standard and as far as we are concerned a good choice.


The MT-07 will be delivered in 2021 in three colour options

technical black
Yamaha Blue

Yamaha MT07 2021, the Dark Side train thunders ahead 4


Availability and price for the new Yamaha MT-07 2021

The Yamaha is expected to be in the dealers’ showrooms in January. Due to the lack of physical shows in 2020/21 there will unfortunately be no opportunity to test the bike and we will have to wait until the press can indeed test this bike. Yamaha has cautiously announced that the press test will also take place in January 2021. The prices are not yet fixed. We will keep you informed.


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